Camping With Kids

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For those who have not been camping before with their kids, the first time is always a scary one, with so many things racing through your mind – have I packed enough toys, did I bring the spare batteries?

To lighten the load, here are 5 camping essential tips to share with all parents who are going camping with children for the first time.

1. Don’t Overpack – Especially With Toys

At the top of your mind you’re probably trying to figure out things you can bring to keep your kids entertained and occupied. While most kids these days are glued to screens, be brave and why not try leaving the iPads at home?

Bring a few books, some toys and a boardgame, and if that fails, well we’ve a ton of facilities at Noosa Caravan Park to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! From our games and recreation room, to children’s pool, on-site playground, table tennis and more, the kids will not get bored here!

Noosa Caravan Park, Rec Room, Noosa camping, Camping with kids Noosa
1: Noosa Caravan Park Recreation Room.

2. Practice setting up camp

Before you go away on that camping trip, spend an afternoon setting up camp at home with your children and see where they can help. It’s also a great time to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your trip – like extra pegs!

If your kids are too young to help out, have some snacks at hand to keep them busy while you get the camp started.

Noosa Caravan Park, camping with kids in Noosa, Kids camping, best camping with kids
2. Setting up camp at Noosa Caravan Park.

3. Prepare Snacks

Whether you’re on the road, busy setting up camp, or out exploring a trail, always pack snacks for the kids (and for yourself!). Things like nuts, roasted vegetables, and granola bars are quick and easy healthy snacks to prepare, and will keep your kids busy happy until dinner time. 

4. Let The Kids Explore

A camping trip is the best way to let your kids gain their independence. But ensure that they know the boundaries and the park’s rules.

TIP: Get some walkie talks for your kids, it’s a great and fun way to keep in touch with them when they’re out roaming.

5. Relax – You’re On Holiday!

Soak in the sunshine and relax. Though there might be a lot going on, take a step back and enjoy your lush surroundings of our holiday park! Not everything always goes to plan, but that’s the fun and excitement of being away from the comfort of your home, there will be new things you pick up and learn along the way.

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